How to disable new update pop up in quickbooks

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If you have the QuickBooks Automatic Update feature enabled, QuickBooks will download updates and then tell you that they are ready to install. There are times when you do NOT want to install an automatic update, but the message will keep nagging you. Here is how to turn that off.

First, some background on QuickBooks Automatic Updates.

Should I Use QuickBooks Automatic Update?

Let’s start with this question – but the answer is complicated. If you are running a supported version of QuickBooks you will find that Intuit pushes out bug fixes (and possibly new features) via their update mechanism. The Automatic Update feature will obtain these updates and put them on your computer, and then ask you if you want to install them the next time that you start QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Update Service

Keep in mind a few things about updates:

  • The update process can take time once started.
  • Sometimes the update process requires that a file be converted. This may involve making a backup, getting everyone else out of the program, shutting down your business processes for some time.
  • If one user installs updates, you will most likely find that every user has to install the update.
  • Sometimes there are problems in updates, and you may want to wait. On occasion there are bugs in the updates that are a bigger problem than the ones that are being fixed by the update.

So should you use automatic updates?

  • It is Critically Important: Many times the updates are fixes for significant bugs. For example – there may be a bug in the sales tax feature that impacts your reports that should be fixed. So it can be very important to keep your product up to date.
  • It is a Pain in the Rear: When you see the update notice it is VERY EASY for one person to say “sure, go ahead, do the install”. There isn’t a central control over this feature, every user will see the notice. Someone is bound to click Install Now at an inappropriate time.


Keep an eye on our blog, as new updates are available we’ll post information about them.

Stopping an Automatic Update

So, you are getting the message that an update is ready to install, but you don’t want to install it at this time. Perhaps you don’t want to see that message, because someone might click the Install Now button at the wrong time. Sometimes you may see that message even though you have ALREADY installed the update, and there really isn’t anything TO install. How do you stop this message from showing?

In QuickBooks select Help and then Update QuickBooks. in the Options tab, find the Download Location. Take note of this.

Locate this folder, and you will find a number of sub folders.

QuickBooks Update Folder

Delete each of these folders – such as Patch, Guide and so forth.

The next time you start QuickBooks it will look for these folders. If they don’t exist, you won’t be prompted to install the updates.

One additional note- before deleting, look in the Patch folder. You may find a file named AboutPatch.htm. This file lists all of the changes in the update. Sometimes this is useful information to have.

QuickBooks Update Notes


a) ‘Turn off pop-up message for products and services’ under My preferences in General setting.

b) Turn off the Automatic update option

In the end, we rename one of the c:\programdata\intuit\Qickbooks2016\Components\DownloadQB26\Patch folder, it help to disable the main