NEC SL1100 CO Line Diagnostics – How to run a test

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Side Tone Auto Setup for Analog Trunks: You must do the following from a telephone:

1) Enter system programming by pressing Speaker, then dialing #, *, #, * .

2) Password is 12345678, then press the Hold Key.

3) Next enter 9068 to go to program 90-68-01, then press select.

4) At the “Adjustment Start _ ” Prompt enter the line number of your first Analog Trunk, then press select.

5) The system will then run a series of test on that line. Allow the test to complete. If the line is not an Analog line or if the Line currently does not have dial tone you will be returned with “Error”

6) Once the test is complete you will be presented with “Copy? (1 Yes)” If you wish to copy the new settings the system has automatically set for this line to your other lines enter a 1 then press Hold. If not simply press Hold, then the Mute key several times to back up to a blinking curser on the display then press the Speaker key to exit. In some cases it may be a good idea to run this individually per line. Especially if the source of each line is different. This procedure should be run in the following cases: 1) Upon new install of a SL 1100 once the system is installed onsite with the Analog lines installed. 2) Anytime the system is moved to a new site, once the lines are re-installed at the new location. 3) Anytime the line source changes such as changing over to a new provider. 4) Anytime an additional line is added. This only applies to Analog lines. Running these procedures often resolves many issues such as echo, poor Speakerphone quality when on outside lines, and DTMF reception issues to Auto Attendant, for example.