NEC SL2100 E-Mail Notification Setup

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March 3, 2018
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March 12, 2018

E-Mail Notification works with either the built-in InMail, or InMail SD Cards.
Required License: InMail Email Notification License (License Code 1015) Qty 1.
Below is a list of required programs for e-mail notification to work:

47-18-01 is correctly enabled (This turns on the E-mail notification feature system wide.)
47-18-02 is for the out bound SMTP E-Mail server name or e-mail address. (You will have to confirm if the name entered here is correct with the e-mail provider.)
47-18-03 SMTP Port this is the TCP Port the SMTP Server uses for outbound e-mail by default this is 25 (TCP 25 is traditionally a common port for SMTP), (You should confirm this with the e-mail provider. It is not uncommon for them to use a different port number.)
47-18-04 Encryption (This should only be checked if the e-mail provider requires encryption. They will have to tell you that.)
47-18-05 Authentication, if Yes, you will have to enter the e-mail account’s user name & Password in 47-18-06, & 07. If POP3, you will have to set the POP3 account settings in 47-19.
47-18-06 Username (You will have to confirm the username for this e-mail account with the e-mail provider.)
47-18-07 Password (You will have to confirm the password for this e-mail account with the e-mail provider.)
47-18-08 Send From E-mail address (This must be the e-mail address of the InMail that it uses to send the e-mail notifications.)
47-18-09 Reply to Address (This is an optional field that should have someone else?s e-mail address, that replies to notifications go to. InMail does not receive e-mails only sends them so this should not be the same as the e-mail in 47-18-08).

(Most of the Information needed in 47-18 is determined by the e-mail account. Information for the e-mail account is needed before programming.)

At the mail Box Level for each mail box that needs E-Mail Notification:

47-02-20 = Check this box to turn on E-mail notification for each mail box.

47-02-21 = The Mail Box owner’s e-mail address.

47-02-22 = E-Mail Message Attachment. (This normally is checked, however in some cases the e-mail provider limits the size of the attachment and may block your e-mails with attachments. So if your notifications are not going through, for trouble shooting sake, uncheck this box then re-test to see if you get the e-mails without attachments, but not when they send the message as an attachment.)

Required System Settings:

10-12-01 = System’s IP address
10-12-02 = System’s Subnet Mask

(Or use 10-12-09 & 10-12-10 when utilizing SL2100’s Built-In VoIP Resources.)

10-12-03 = System’s Default Gateway

If VOIP DB is installed (Ethernet Cable should be connected to VOIP DB.):

10-12-09= VOIP DB IP Address (10-12-01 should be set to
10-12-10= VOIP DB Subnet Mask

10-12-09= VOIP DB IP Address (10-12-01 should be set to
10-12-10= VOIP DB Subnet Mask

10-12-13 Primary DNS Server Address (Required to resolve Server Name to an IP Address. You do show one here. Replaces SL1100 90-11-11.)
10-12-14 Secondary DNS Server Address. (Replaces SL1100 90-11-12.)

Troubleshooting tip:

If after making the above program settings, and confirming the E-Mail account settings with the e-mail service provider troubleshoot the E-Mail account by connection of a Laptop or PC to the same LAN. (If possible use the same Ethernet port as the SL2100 if you can disconnect the system without disrupting service to VoIP phones or SIP Trunks.)

Once the PC or Laptop can browse the Internet on the same LAN, the SL2100 is connected to, then set up a second E-Mail account on the test PC’s Outlook or Outlook Express using the same E-mail account settings. Once this is set, make test e-mails from the PC to confirm the e-mail account itself is working. Many times the issue turns out to be a username and password or port issue that may become more obvious when testing with Outlook. In addition to this, most E-Mail Service Providers are more willing to assist troubleshooting the account with you when testing with Outlook, if Outlook is also failing.

For more details on E-Mail Notification please refer to the SL2100 InMail Feature Manual.