Disaster Recovery Planning

Can you afford to lose your data and have down time?

When an incident happens that affects your business workflow, we understand the disorder and stress this can cause.
A Disaster Recovery Plan forms part of your Business Continuity Plan; which should include planning for the restoration of the critical systems that are required to operate your business. ITS will work with your organization to put in place systems to best protect your IT infrastructure by preparing, testing, developing and implementing systems to allow you to continue to operate in the event of a serious incident.

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T he importance of proper planning and preparation to protect your IT infrastructure against major disruption is becoming ever more imperative, as organizations become increasingly reliant on their systems and cannot afford downtime. Disruption can lead to loss of business which can have a negative impact on the productivity and credibility of your business. Our team of experienced IT consultants can work with your company to ensure you have everything in place should the worst happen. Whether constructing a day to day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business-wide disaster recovery plan, we first analyze your business ahead of delivering a bespoke technical solution. Typically, we analyze business activities, infrastructure, applications, and the key user activities that keep the business trading. In addition, as we draw up recommendations, we’ll consider key commercial issues such as the criticality of any given activity, key compliance and regulatory issues and the overall cost of the required protection. In reality, few businesses can justify a plan which replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure.

89 %

of business will fail after a disaster

without a disaster recovery plan.According to a study by Touce Ross: less than 10 % of companies survive a major disaster when they have no disaster recovery plan in place.

5 facts about business data loss

  • 60% of companies will shut down after losedata within 6 months of the disaster
  • 93% of companies that lost data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within 1 year
  • 30% of all businesses that have major fire/disaster go out business within a year
  • 70% of business people heve expirience data loss due to viruses,disk or system failure
  • 20% of small businesses will sufer a major disaster causing data loss every 5 years