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At ITS, we provide forward thinking information systems consulting focused on leveraging technology to increase business performance. Our expert consultants work one-on-one with your management team to understand your goals, core business processes, and current information systems capabilities. It is through a comprehensive IT assessment and well-planned strategy we work to simplify your information technology environment and lead the way to a more cost-effective and reliable IT infrastructure. Our progressive solutions enable companies to grow their businesses for superior end results, taking a customer-first approach in everything we do. Our consultation time will leave you informed and ready to make the right choices at a cost that fits your budget.

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I nformation is one of the most important assets in any organization and technology is the key tool employed in the management of these assets, but it is not always a tool that is managed well. The increasing use of technology throughout the business environment can lead to significant efficiencies and can enhance the overall ability of an organization to achieve its strategic aims and objectives. However, there are substantial challenges involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of technology and significant risks and increasing security threats in its operation. In addition, the environment in which technology is deployed and data managed is becoming increasing complex with new technologies, technology delivery models, tough compliance and regulatory obligations providing a growing challenge to any computerized organization and any audit committee seeking assurance.

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  • Framework Reviews
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