Managed IT Services

ITS Managed IT Services operation will help you get the most out of your IT, providing an end-to-end suite of services that will deliver reduced IT risk and lower costs, resulting in increased IT performance.
Our managed IT service comprises 4 disciplines, designed to provide rapid and comprehensive support for your business. Each service can be utilized individually or combined to support your business needs.


Re-active Support

Service desk
Break-fix Support
Software Management
Ad-hoc Services

Pro-active Support

Monitoring & Alerting
Managed Systems
Resolution Management
Patch Management

Managed Services

Off-site Backup
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Application Management

Cloud Services

Core Business Applications
Website Management
Hosted Security
Public Cloud Resources from Google, Amazon and MIcrosoft

A better process based on a combination of best practice, experience, and common sense, with a key focus on fixing problems as quickly as humanly possible. Effectively, service as you would expect to receive.

Reactive Support

Most companies wait for something to happen with their technology or computer equipment before they take action. Don’t assume that just because you haven’t experienced any major problems with your computer and technology yet, that you never will. The reality is – it’s only a matter of time before something happens and then you’ll be scrambling around trying to find people to fix it, all while losing time and money in the process. A reactive IT environment is one where you just react to problems after they happen. It costs more and causes more downtime than taking a proactive approach to IT Support.

Proactive Support

When you are proactively monitoring your server and equipment, you are often alerted to potential problems before they cause downtime in your business. It is easier to fix an information technology problem as it starts than to wait until it causes a domino effect of other problems. If you haven’t been proactive and you wait until a problem occurs, you need to call on your IT department or outsource to an IT support company. It can take some time for the problem to be diagnosed and corrected when you are being reactive. Can your business operate when your network is down or you don’t have access to your files?

Managed Services

IT managed services is a practice where an organization transfers the entire IT management and operations to a third-party service provider. The service provider is solely responsible for delivering the services and ensure no technical glitches hamper the IT operations. All in all, IT managed services is a strategic method to improve the operational efficiency of a business as owners no longer need to manage an in-house team of IT experts. This is an outsourcing model where the client is only left with the job of approving changes to the IT infrastructure. Managed services is not a “one size fits all” solution that would suit every organization as each IT infrastructure or technical environment is unique and deserves consideration. The ITS team visit the client site to analyze the IT requirements and technical challenges before suggesting a customized solution for each customer.

Cloud Services

The speed of change is growing at an exponential rate. Organizations demand speed and flexibility while preserving security to keep an edge on the competition. ITS helps organizations focus on what’s most important − clients and reducing the cost associated with managing underlying applications, operating systems and infrastructure. Fully backed by a leading application-level SLA that fits unique business needs.We help clients with their Hybrid Cloud strategy, on premise, hosted, private and public cloud. We work with companies of every size on advising, transitioning and managing custom workloads from on-premise to Public Cloud IaaS with Microsoft®, Amazon®, Google® and Oracle®.

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