When something goes wrong on your network, you need help immediately. At ITS , we understand that some problems are too important to wait—so we provide 24-hour emergency IT support to small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations in the Metro Detroit area.
When you are working on an important project or you need access to critical company files, you don’t have to wait until the next business day—or worse, an entire weekend—for IT solutions. We provide fast and reliable emergency IT support with our after-hours IT support. Whether you need simple software and system upgrades, helpdesk service or support, or something more serious like emergency server maintenance, we’re here to help.
Our Emergency IT Service
On-site or over the phone, ITS is there to help you when an unexpected network or hardware failure occurs. Our emergency IT support is designed with small business needs and timelines in mind. With our flat-fee pricing and 24/7/365 availability, we are ready to help you with any technical issues whenever you need us. We offer a number of emergency IT support services including (but not limited to):
Helpdesk service and support
Software and system upgrades
Emergency server maintenance
Hardware support
Data recovery
And more!
Learn more about our emergency IT support options or let ITS help you with your IT needs by calling us at 248-343-1083 now!

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