Today’s overabundance of telecom choices is a multi-dimensional maze, and managing the associated expense presents even the most equipped organization with enormous difficulties. Our management program increases visibility and cost efficiency. In so doing, it empowers managers to introduce newer telecom technologies and redirect resources to other pressing needs. Bottom line, our program enhances current processes and systems, allows for greater functionality, and enhances customer service.
ITS approaches telecom expense management through a three-phased methodology that promptly delivers savings, efficiency, and control.
Our “Triple A” approach to total telecom management includes three integrated processes:
Audit to action: Creates immediate visibility into expenses and identifies cost savings by:
Conducting invoice, inventory, and infrastructure audits
Associating individual users with numbers, devices, rates, and issuance dates
Identifying unused or inappropriately used services for disconnection
Automation: Identifies ongoing cost savings throughout the telecommunications lifecycle to:
Introduce, implement, and integrate software solutions to automate procurement, provisioning (including moves, adds, and changes (MAC)), invoice processing, and inventory management
Design and maintain Web portals permitting managers to view the order status, usage, associated invoices, and expenses.
Outsource invoice management, including carrier coordination, invoice receipt, posting, aggregation, data normalization, and payment.
Augmentation: Assigns on-site staff who optimize the telecom lifecycle to:
Manage and maintain existing network infrastructure, inventory, service procurement, support, and invoice processing. Negotiate vendor contracts, measure vendor performance, and manage refunds
Counsel and advise on end-user policies, technology transition, and network optimization
Proven Telecom Lifecycle Management Experience

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